My first post – Best Breakfast to start the day 1

Best breakfastFor the first post of PS: I Love Cooking, let me give you an example of my daily best breakfast recipes. I don’t like to skip breakfast, even in those days when i wake up so late for work. When that happens the better is to accept, you’re going to be late anyway, so get up and go to cook a tasty breakfast and start your day with energy and happiness!

Ingredients for two:

  1. Two greek yogurts
  2. Four tablespoons of pomegranate seeds
  3. One pear
  4. Two tablespoons of granola cereals
  5. A little of honey (I put 2 tee spoons but you can put more or less of it if you want to taste more or less sweater, respectively)
  6. One tee spoon of goji, one of chia seeds and one of sunflower seeds.
  7. Six nuts

How to do it:

It’s very easy. All you have to do is to put it all together on a bowl and enjoy it.

To this finalization I put first some yogurt, secondly the nuts, slides of pear, granola cereals and the honey, above it another lay of yogurt and to the finalization on top goji and chia, flower and promenade seeds.

Best breakfast to start the day 1

Thank you for reading and enjoy!

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